This morning Kolton Kloosterman, along with his little brother, and parents stopped by Community Living in Campbellford.  It was a special visit that Kolton was making.  His 6th birthday is Dec 25, Christmas Day and he held his birthday party this past weekend.  He invited 25 friends and family to celebrate with him.  They had a great time bowling and enoying the party.  The special part of the party was Kolton’s idea…the invitations he sent out requested the people attending his party to purchase gifts for donating to the toy drive in lieu of buying birthday presents for him.  As you can see from the pictures, Kolton’s donation filled Santa’s Sleigh.  Thank you so much Kolton, you will make Christmas morning a happy one for many children this year.  Everyone here at Community Living Campbellford/Brighton wish you and your family a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy 6th Birthday. 

Kolton filling Santa's Sleigh with presents donated from his 5th Birthday PartyKolton's Birthday Presents fill the Sleigh!!Kolton, Mom, Dad and Santa...Thanks Kolton you're making Christmas for many children