Posted Nov 4, 2010 By Rolly Ethier

EMC Lifestyles – Campbellford – The Royal Bank of Canada’s Employee Volunteer Grants Program appears to be working constructively, particularly here in Campbellford.

Since 1999, RBC has made over 16,900 grants and donated more than $8.9 million to worthy organizations. The latest on the receiving end of the Royal Bank largesse are two Campbellford-based volunteer groups: Community Living Campbellford/Brighton and the Trent Hills chapter of the Heart and Stroke Society.

Two long-term employees of RBC, now retired, Elizabeth Park and Marlene Mood, applied for and received $500 grants for their volunteerism in the area. As spouses of two members of the Community Living Board of Directors, Liz and Marlene have each provided extensive support to that organization. Both have contributed at official CLCB functions or fund-raising initiatives, such as the annual Toy Drive. They have also assisted husbands Chris Park and John Mood, who are members of the Community Living Board.

Liz and Marlene continue to dedicate countless hours of steadfast, behind-the-scenes support to CLCB.

The Community Living will use the Royal Bank funding to provide persons with an intellectual disability the financial assistance to achieve their personal outcomes and realize their life goals and dreams. This funding is also used to offset costs for items otherwise unaffordable as well as assisting with the high costs of accessible transportationa reality that currently restricts some people from full community participation.

Meanwhile, Heart and Stroke was staging their own celebration of a grant presentation from RBC. Once again, Dianne Mechetuk, a dedicated volunteer of Heart and Stroke activities, turned over her grant of $500 which is to go to the Trent Hills chapter for education initiatives. Dianne, the manager of the local Royal Bank branch, has worked hard for several years organizing the local Big Bike fund raiser for Heart and Stroke.

Beth Dowell, the Area Manager for Heart and Stroke, attended to accept the grant donation from Ms. Mechetuk at a regular society meeting held at the Campbellford Library.