A number of Ontario MP’s from Ontario stopped by to say hello, hear a little about what was happening today and why so many of us (Community Living representatives from coast to coast and People First of Canada) where meeting with MPs today.  I believe in total there are 43 meetings scheduled today on the Hill in hopes to get on peoples radar and looking for support as the federal budget consultation process is about to get underway.  Obviously there is much more to tell you on this – and we will pull a communiqué together shortly – but for now we wanted you to have this booklet.   Feel free to use it to further the conversations you may be having about the approximately 500,000 working aged Canadians with an intellectual disability, who are vastly under-represented in the labour force, many of whom are; Ready, Willing and Able to work.

It’s a nice collection and some solid examples from Ontario.  For those that shared your stories we thank you!

Enjoy and share…..  Employment Success Stories

Community Living Ontario