Posted May 17, 2012By EMC News

EMC News -Campbellford – Community Living Campbellford/Brighton (CLCB) is a recent recipient of two $500 grants donated through the RBC employee volunteer grant program.

The bank’s program recognizes employees and retirees for the good work they do in their personal time, by volunteering in their communities.

In a press release from CLCB it was noted that employees and retirees who donate more than 40 hours per year to a charitable organization can apply for a grant of up to $500 for their organization. As long-term employees of RBC, Elizabeth Park and Marlene A. Mood became well-known in their communities for their beliefs in being responsible corporate citizens.

Their ongoing contributions and support of several programs and community initiatives only served to aid in the development of their very well-respected stature in the community stated the press release. Although both of these individuals have since retired, their dedication and sense of community and philanthropy have not.

As spouses of two members of the CLCB’s board of directors, Park and Mood provide a great deal of support for the organization.

Whether their assistance is of a tangible nature such as contributing to official CLCB functions or fund-raising events such as the annual Christmas Food and Toy Drive, Park and Mood can be relied upon. Given the amount of time on a monthly basis that Chris Park and John Mood invest in CLCB Board activities, Elizabeth and Marlene continue to dedicate countless hours of steadfast, “behind-the-scenes” support to this organization.

The CLCB’s Outcomes Sponsorship Fund will receive 100 per cent of the donated grants.

This fund provides people with an intellectual disability the financial assistance to achieve their personal outcomes and realize their life goals and dreams.

For some people, reaching their goals is sometimes unachievable because of a lack of resources.

The Outcome Sponsorship fund has sponsored personal outcomes for people such as: educational opportunities, orthotics, vacation opportunities, tuition, dentures, reconnections with families, and medical supports not covered by any other source.

The press release notes as well that this fund is also used to offset costs for items otherwise unaffordable as well as assisting with the high costs of accessible transportation, a reality that currently restricts some people from full community participation.

A wide variety of wonderful and rewarding experiences and opportunities would not be possible without the support of the fund.

Since 1999, RBC has made in excess 16,900 grants and donated more than $8.4 million in celebration of employee’s volunteer efforts.