Over the past two months Community Living Campbellford/ Brighton has worked closely with Joe Dale and the Rotary at Work Initiative and have adopted their employment model. The idea was to find and nurture a local champion/employer who has had positive experiences with inclusive hiring in the past and would be interested in moving the inclusion agenda forward. We were successful in engaging Steve Sharpe owner of Sharpe’s Food Market to be our “Champion”. Steve holds the same value in inclusive hiring as we do and quickly became deeply involved with our new model. Steve’s role was to and will continue to be to attend all meetings with local employers alongside Amy Widdows. Together they sit with employers and speak of the benefits of hiring inclusively from a business perspective. As a result of our new model in the past 6 weeks we have had 3 new paid positions offered to people we support as well as a new location for a time limited job trial site that may turn into another paid position. In addition to being present at all employer meetings our Champions role also includes promoting our Employment Program at Rotary meetings, co presenting at the Community Living Ontario Conference, interviewee for local newspapers and has also made his store and employees available to have a Rotary At Work video filmed .

Since we have moved to this model we have seen a 72% increase in community based employment.

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