By Harry Kranenburg, Trenton Curling Club

Thursday, December 20, 2012 11:04:32 EST AM

This past week, we saw the conclusion of six weeks of fun and laughter with a group of people from Belleville and Trenton.

For the past five weeks, these folks have met at Trenton Curling Club to learn the basics of curling. Sessions were supervised by several club volunteers who each provided one-on-one instruction, followed by a break, and then finishing up with a short mini game. A group from Campbellford then joined them on the final day on Dec. 12 to play in a mini bonspiel.

This program was sponsored by H.E.L.M.S. As Toni Kirby, H.E.L.M.S. coordinator explained, the acronym stands for Health, Energy, Learning and Motivation through Sports. This is a program designed for intellectually challenged persons, and is supported through five community groups as well as the YMCA.

The bonspiel was formatted as a fun event where the traditional curling rules were partially suspended. Teams were made up of two players, with the sweepers coming from the club volunteer pool. It was a six end total point score spiel, with points awarded only for rocks coming to rest on the button or inside the four-foot.

Judging from the smiles and laughter as the participants came off the ice, everyone had a good time, and we’re not sure who had the most fun: the curlers or the volunteer sweepers. Back in the main lounge, the curlers enjoyed lunch prepared by the volunteers, and were awarded prizes and participation medals.

In the overall standings, Trenton/Belleville curlers scored 23 points, with Cambellford nipping at their brooms with 21 points. First place plaques were presented to the team of Dustin Burchaw and Kevin Clark, while second place went to Megan Glover and Dan Giroux.

We enjoyed having this group of young adults at our club as they proved once again that the sport of curling knows no boundaries. It truly is a game for everyone.

In other club news, we would like to welcome our new part-time tenants: Business Networking International, who will be holding their breakfast meetings at the club each Wednesday morning at 7 a.m. Also, the Ghost of Curling Past visited me several times this past week to chastise me for misspelling Kerry McCue’s name repeatedly in the cash league article. Fifteen sprays from the pebble hose for my error. From all of us at the Trenton Curling Club, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

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