Webinar Topics:

• How can an RDSP help your child?

• How can you benefit from a Will with a Henson Trust?

• How can your child with a disability qualify for the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP)?

• How can ODSP payments be increased to $1053?

How can families benefit from disability and caregiver tax credits? Claims back to 2002 can recapture up to $22,000!

• Do you need to apply for Guardianship of your child?


Kenneth C. Pope is one of the most experienced practitioners in Ontario providing services to families with a family member with a disability, and has focused his practice to help them put in place Henson Trusts, which ensure that the child with a disability will not be penalized for their inheritance.

He has been helping families to think about their future needs, and to provide for their loved ones with appropriate arrangements since 1980.


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