Marion, Nancy & Dawn

By Sue Dickens

EMC Lifestyles – Campbellford – Community Living Campbellford/Brighton has been recommended for accreditation for another four-year term.

Executive Director Nancy Brown said she is very proud of the entire team.

“A welcoming, supportive community and the dedication and commitment of employees are the key factors to the organization’s success,” she said.

In a press release issued last week, Brown said, “Ultimately people who receive our services benefit the most through this process.”

Hilary Tugwood, reviewer from the Council on Quality and Leadership (CQL) stated she has seen this organization grow over the past decade and the past four years have had many challenges and the organization has come out the other side stronger, calmer and more stable.

Community Living Campbellford/Brighton currently employs 105 people to support approximately 179 men and women with Intellectual Disabilities in Campbellford, Brighton and surrounding areas.

Accreditation is not yet mandatory in Ontario but Community Living chooses to have an independent body measure the quality of its support because they want to continually enhance services, states the press release.

The organization has been accredited by CQL at the highest level possible since 2000.

The process includes organizational commitment, preparation, self-assessment, on-site visits by CQL review teams (over four years) and an ongoing partnership agreement.

Once all criteria are met, CQL Accreditation is awarded.

The organization and CQL team together develop a partnership agreement for ongoing collaboration.

Included in this agreement are the actions the organization will take to continue the quality journey and CQL’s responsibilities and contributions that support the organization’s ongoing quality improvement efforts.

To find out more information about Community Living Campbellford/Brighton call 705-653-1821 or visit their web site at .