Community Living Campbellford/Brighton, located at 65 Bridge Street East, Campbellford is very pleased to announce that they have been recognized as one of the seven best-run non-profit social service agencies from across Canada. 

The $20,000 William H. Donner Award for Excellence in the Delivery of Social Services was presented to Community Living Campbellford/Brighton Executive Director, Nancy Brown during The William H. Donner Awards for Excellence in the Delivery of Social Services annual awards presentation held in Toronto on Friday, December 2, 2011.  This award was shared jointly with Servants Anonymous Society of Surrey, British Columbia.

In addition, a $5,000.00 2011 Donner Canadian Foundation Award for Excellence in the Delivery of Social Services for People with Disabilities was also presented to Community Living Campbellford/Brighton in recognition of being a category winner for their Family Home Program.

The annual Donner Awards are sponsored by the Donner Canadian Foundation and are administered by the Fraser Institute.  These awards recognize and reward excellence nationwide in program provision by non-profit organizations.  The Donner Awards are Canada’s largest recognition program for the non-profit social service sector.  They are unique in providing valuable performance information to participating non-profits that ranks them relative to similar agencies in their field of social service delivery.  This year saw a total of 591 applications from across Canada.  Selection criteria is based on performance ranking in 10 key areas, including, management and governance, use of staff and volunteers, innovation, program cost, and monitoring of outcomes.

Community Living Campbellford/Brighton is thrilled to have been a part of this very prestigious awards program as it recognizes excellence in non-profit organizations delivering Social Services.  Programs like the Donner Awards play a vital role in recognizing the accomplishments of agencies such as theirs by rewarding excellence and encouraging greater accountability.

Community Living Campbellford/Brighton Board of Directors wishes to extend their thanks and appreciation to the many volunteers, staff and community members who have supported them to this success.







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