By: Paul Muldoon

A questionnaire was completed by participants and analyzed for common themes and recommendations for change. This was followed by a facilitated conversation where participants were asked to priorize areas of change in terms of things that did not require additional funding as well as where additional resources should be priorized.

Download the Full Report [PDF 68 Kb]

The themes articulated in the attached report speak admirably to many of the strengths of the approach being used. Passport-style funding is recognized for its flexibility, individualization and pre-disposition to strengthen community involvement.

Limitations were also seen as might be expected. Participants want to see a more straightforward application process, more consistency in the selection criteria and for the Ministry and agencies alike to address the reality and impact of so few of the applicants (5-10 %) receiving support from the program.

Some solid recommendations are offered in these and other areas.

Your attendance throughout the conference was much appreciated by the participants. Their hope is that you and your staff will review the summary and support as many of the suggestions as possible. Obviously, bringing more resources into the program is seen as critical to any meaningful progress for families and agencies alike.

It was a pleasure to facilitate this session and to see you again!


Paul Muldoon
PGM Consulting & Training Services